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February 1st, 2021

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Daily Crunch: Google shutters internal game studios


Google rethinks its gaming strategy, Microsoft rolls out its quantum computing platform and UiPath is now valued at $35 billion. This is your Daily Crunch for February 1, 2021. The big story: Google shutters internal game studios When Google announced its Stad... More »

New Year, Same Me, Same Books: TPM’s To-Read Pile


Back in the before times, TPM's office was conveniently located a few short blocks away from Barnes and Noble. A glorious thing! Floors upon floors of books. Before you knew it your lunch hour is done and you had to grab your spoils and go. It was both a bless... More »

Google shuts down its internal Stadia game studios


When Google originally announced Stadia, its cloud gaming service, the company also announced a first-party game studio. Stadia Games and Entertainment was supposed to release exclusive titles for the new platform. And yet, Google has changed its mind and is n... More »


Gwoop Academy wants to help you get better at video games


Every sport has its practice drills and exercises to help players hone skills between games. Why would esports be any different? Gwoop, a startup out of Minnesota, wants to be the place where gamers go to train between matches. They’re building up a collection... More »


Google’s weather frog spotted on smart displays


Users are reporting seeing Froggy as a screensaver option on their smart displays. | Screenshot: Jay Boromeusz / YouTube Google is testing a new background for Assistant smart displays that shows a cartoon frog enjoying, or coping with, the weather in real-tim... More »


Photos of the day: Winter came


A winter storm coated the Washington area with snow on Sunday — with 1.5 inches reported at the Capitol, according to the Washington Post. While not the 4-8 inches forecast, it was a lot more than the 0.6 inches reported for all of 2020. Roll Call photojournal... More »



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